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-------------2011 LIMBDRIVER PRO-V ----------------------ORIGINAL LIMB DRIVER ARROW REST --------

Every arrow rest on the market has it’s pro’s and con’s. Typically the more user friendly a arrow rest is, the less accurate it becomes. That’s why you don’t see many 3 d archers sporting a Whisker Biscuit tm., or many bow hunters with tiny prong arrow rests out in the woods. Vapor Trails limb driven arrow rest technology is changing all that. Now archers can pick the traits they need the most in an arrow rest, without sacrificing accuracy. Whether you pick the Original Limb Driver arrow rest with its flexible and adjustable steel tongue, or the fully contained self centering Pro V arrow rest, you can feel confident your groups will shrink, and you will be steps closer to accomplishing your goals in the field or on the range.

Limb driven technology allows your arrow rest to combine these features into one package
. unmatched fletching clearance
. limb driven pull away speed
. adjustable arm tension
. full containment
. longer arrow support during shot cycle
. zero timing issues
. free floating arrow support
. reduction of human/bow introduced inconsistency
. tighter groups

The adjustable spring tension on Vapor Trails Pro V arrow rest allows you to dial in the amount of force required to fine tune your bow. Nock travel, cam timing and shooter flaws all introduce flight problems to your arrow that the spring supported arm of the Pro V rest can minimize. When the arrow rest arm can move with the arrow, it can return it to the original trajectory plane, without ‘bouncing’ the shaft during the shot cycle. By gently returning the arrow shaft to it’s original horizontal plane, this revolutionary arrow rest ensures your arrow leaves the bow with the least amount of vibration, shock, and gyration, resulting in both more kinetic energy and tighter groups at any distance.

Limb driven arrow rests rip the rest away from the arrow much faster than your run of the mill drop away arrow rest or cable triggered fall away arrow rest. Cable triggered arrow rests depend upon a spring to pull the arrow rest away. Limb driven technology uses the power of your bows limbs to rip the arrow rest away from the arrow at break neck speed. This limb driven speed means you rarrow rest can stay in contact with the arrow for more of the shot cycle, offering more guidance, and yielding the best possible arrow flight from your set up. Cable triggered drop away arrow rests usually leave the arrow after 3 to 4 inches of contact, allowing any tuning or forms flaws to expand your groups. Limb driven technology is the future of arrow rests, and Vapor Trail is leading the charge.